We are pleased that you are interested in the Part-Time Merchandising Team for MPA,Management Performance Associates.

Even though these are Part-Time / Temporary positions, they are not simple “Day labor.”

Our Merchandisers work as official representatives of our respective client companies.

Dress is casual, neat and clean.  Jeans are OK.  Collared shirts are preferred but not mandatory. Open toed shoes or shorts are not allowed (due to safety reasons).

Most of the Merchandising jobs MPA fills are for client companies who in turn sell their products to national grocery, drug, club and convenience store chains.

The buyers become VERY disappointed when an anticipated Merchandiser “no shows” at one of their stores.

In some instances, the Buyer may penalize our clients by removing our client’s products from ALL of their store shelves throughout the entire chain.

This action can result in a loss of business to our clients in the millions of dollars.

Your presence at our merchandising resets is a very important factor in maintaining a positive business relationship between our client and in turn, 

their largest clients.

We understand that “life happens” and things come up that cannot be avoided.

We ask only that if such an instance should arise and you have been scheduled for one of our Merchandising assignments,

that every effort is made to contact us as early as possible so that we can attempt to send another Merchandiser.

Our text and email are as follows: newjobs@mpacareers.com / TEXT: 949.316.3930


Merchandising Basics


1. When you arrive at your merchandising assignment, please ask for the Team Leader. It is VERY important that the Team Leader be aware you are there on behalf of our client. If there is a sign in sheet, please note that you are there for our client.

2. Each store has a “schematic”. A schematic is a “map” of the products in the store and where they go on the shelves. The schematics are changed each time new or expanded product lines are sold to a grocery, drug, club or convenience store chain. These changes often result in the scheduling of new merchandising “resets”.

3. The primary goal of reset merchandising is to implement changes in a store’s schematic while at the same time making the products look more appealing to shoppers.

4. Merchandisers work in teams that average 10 to 20. In addition to the Merchandisers sent by MPA, there will be other Merchandisers at each reset who represent brands sold by our client’s competitors. Despite the brand competition, the atmosphere at most resets remains welcoming and supportive.

5. You are entitled to one paid ten-minute break every 4 hours; and an unpaid 30-minute break every 5 hours.