Wine Merchandising 101

▪ This is not simple “day labor.” Our Merchandisers are Official Representatives of our Client.
▪ In Southern CA, 70% of all the wine and spirits sold each year are sold in the grocery and drug store chains, i.e., Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons, CVS, etc. The Total Dollar volume is in the Billions.
▪ Maintaining a positive relationship with the major Grocery, Drug and Specialty Wine Chains is vital to the success of any wine & spirits distributor in the State. Our Merchandisers play a key role in that success.
▪ Dress is neat, clean and professional. Collared shirts are preferred. Jeans and tennis shoes are fine. For safety reasons, no opened toe shoes or shorts are allowed.
▪ When you arrive at your merchandising assignment, head to the Wine Department and ask for the Team Leader.
▪ Introduce yourself as a Representative of our client; and ask for his/her name. We recommend you enter the Team Leaders name in the “notes” section of ClockShark.
▪ If there is a sign in (or sign out) sheet, please be sure to sign it. You may even want to snap a photo of the sheet with your cell phone to document that you were there. ▪ You will be a part of a team of approximately 8 to 12 merchandisers. The others will be there representing other wine & spirits distributors.
▪ You will be given a “schematic,” a map of the shelves in the store. That will be your guide as you proceed through your shift.
▪ You will work as a team to move bottles around to different areas on the shelves, clean bottles, dust shelves, and sometimes add promotional material to the shelves such as shelf talkers.
▪ The chains often become disappointed when they are expecting merchandisers who do not materialize as scheduled. When that happens, sometimes they will “punish” a particular distributor by removing some or all of their products from the store shelves (which can result in a loss to our client of hundreds of thousands of dollars).
▪ We understand that “life happens.” All we ask is that if there is an emergency or scheduling change that precludes you from showing up as planned, that you give us as much notice as possible so that we can send a replacement.

Welcome to our MPA Merchandising Team!