Talent Experts for Over 20 Years

MPA has been one of the country’s most consistent and reliable CPG search firms since 1998. MPA has continually placed high-performing candidates in a range of positions within the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, including Sales, Marketing, Category Management, Human Resources, Operations, Finance, and more.

MPA is a contingency firm. Clients are charged only if an MPA candidate is hired. Up to that point, we work for free! Plus, we provide a 180-day (6 month) free replacement guarantee — twice the industry standard.

MPA Candidate Profile

MPA candidates are well-educated with a stable work history and proven track record of success within the CPG industry. MPA also has a high success rate in recruiting passive candidates from our clients’ major competitors.

MPA’s “Sendout-to-Placement” ratio is one of the lowest in the industry — MPA only sends top-quality candidates who meet or exceed ALL of a client’s exact specifications. We will not waste your time by asking you to review resumes of unqualified candidates.

The Client Experience

Why do clients continue to come back to MPA? Clients trust us to go beyond merely finding “satisfactory” talent – connecting you with the ideal candidate allows both you and the candidate to succeed, which in turn strengthens our relationship and guarantees the long-term success of both our agency and your company. It’s a win-win proposition; if you thrive, so do we.

The MPA Touch

Drawing upon the agency’s collective experience, we have developed a highly sophisticated and reliable process for assessing the expertise and specialization of our candidates. Large recruiting agencies rarely provide the kind of personal attention that you will receive from MPA. Our database of thousands of highly qualified individuals is more than just a list of names. We nurture our relationships with our clients and candidates alike for years after a successful placement. This approach ensures that both sides of the equation are happy, and that when it comes time for a top-tier employee to transition to a new position or company, we know that we can find the best fit.

For Smaller Businesses

Our candidates come in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes for our clients. Although we proudly acknowledge the Fortune 500 companies and candidates that have taken advantage of our services, we have found equal success working with smaller companies. In fact, sometimes the right course for a candidate with Fortune 500 experience is to be placed with a smaller company. In this scenario, smaller companies gain access to elite talent, fostered and nurtured by Fortune 500 businesses – talent that may be able to propel a smaller company to a higher level.