Part-Time Merchandising

Thank you for your interest in joining our Part-Time Merchandising Team!

In order to evaluate whether this opportunity meets your needs, please review the following prior to beginning our registration process:

☐ Merchandisers must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, mobile phone and the ability to lift 40 pounds.
☐ The work primarily involves moving bottles to different locations on the shelves, dusting and adding signs or other promotional materials.
☐ Merchandisers work in teams of 5 to 10. There will be others to help train you when you first begin working as a Merchandiser.
☐ Merchandisers are paid each Friday as employees for the hours worked the preceding week; and can select a direct deposit or a payroll debt card.
☐ Merchandisers are rarely asked to commute over 50 miles from their home. Commutes over 50 miles are reimbursed at .58 mile.
☐ Merchandisers are official representatives of our client. You will be required to introduce yourself as such to the Team Leader at every location.
☐ Dress is casual, neat and clean. Collared shirts, dark jeans or slacks and dark shoes are preferred.
☐ For safety reasons, shorts, skirts, dresses or open toed shoes are not allowed.
☐ Our clients are Statewide beer, wine and spirits distributors. Their clients are major grocery and drugstore chains.
☐ Each Wednesday the grocery and drug chains provide our clients with a list of their merchandising needs for the following week.
☐ We never know what those needs will be from week to week; or where the jobs will be.
☐ Because of that, our merchandising assignments are really more “Gigs” or “Side Hustles” than steady jobs.
☐ Shifts are always on week days and typically last between 5 to 8 hours. Merchandisers are guaranteed to be paid for a minimum of 4 hours.
☐ There are both AM and graveyard shifts available each day with start times ranging from 12:01 AM on Sunday through 10 AM on Friday.
☐ The grocery and drug chains sell 70% of all the beer, wine and spirits sold in the State of CA.
☐ Needless to say, efficiently providing requested merchandising services to their stores is a vital component of the key customer relationship.
☐ As an MPA Merchandiser, you will play a key role in maintaining stability and continued growth within those highly valued relationships.
☐ It is critical that our Merchandisers show up for their shifts as scheduled, sign in and introduce themselves to the respective Team Leaders.
☐ We understand that “Life Happens;” however, we insist that our Merchandisers notify us as early as possible if they are not going to make it to a job.
☐ Regrettably, those who fail to show up as scheduled without first notifying us via Text or Phone will be ineligible for future assignments.

Still Interested? Great!