Let's Work Together

1.)   DRESS CODE: Must wear name badges with company logo/lanyard or use store provided temporary name badge sticker, be dressed in professional attire and in a neat clean appearance (no torn, frayed jeans, t-shirts, tank tops). No open toe shoes or sandals. Parent Company dress code must be followed when working in our stores.

2.)   BEHAVIOR: Vendor representatives will conduct themselves in a businesslike manner in the store, in both the receiving area and on the salesfloor. Be responsive and respectful to customers in all locations and not engage in any violent, harassing, or unethical behaviors. Use of cell phones or other personal electronic devices (iPods, mp3 players,headphones, etc.) are prohibited on the sales floor during open business hours.

3.)   CUSTOMER SERVICE: While in our stores, customers may think you are one of our associates. We ask you to treat our customers with respect and greet them with a smile. Do your best to find an Albertsons, Vons or Pavilions associate that can answer questions if further help is needed.

4.)  GUESTS: Friends and family members that are not paid employees of the Parent Company are prohibited from working alongside vendor partners when serving our stores.

5.)   ICC OFFICE/EQUIPMENT: Access to ICC office, desk, BDR equipment, (except NEX/DEX port) is prohibited, with the exception of the set captains, if permission has been given by Receiver/ICC clerk.

6.)  SAFETY: Stepping or climbing on product, cartons, cases, shelving, displays or racks is strictly prohibited. The use of a power jack or platform ladder on the sales floor is prohibited. Do not leave unattended equipment (step ladders or pallet jacks) on the sales floor. Access of and use of any power equipment owed by Albertsons/VONS/Pavilions by any vendor is strictly prohibited. No outside personnel are allowed in food prep areas without permission from the store and always, proper food safety procedures, such as wearing hair and beard nets, must be followed.